Outdoor Shelters

Broxap provide shelters, covered walkways and entrance canopies to schools and offices, as well as a comprehensive range of shelters and cycle storage solutions. The range also includes smoking shelters and timber shelters.

As part of the cycle storage compound range, we offer cycle lockers; these allow cyclists to deposit cycling items safely, as well as securing their bicycle. We can provide bespoke versions of its popular range of shelters, to accommodate a large quantity of cycles or motorcycles, which can be added on to existing structures.

Covered walkways, are able to encounter any complex configurations and can accommodate complex turns and angles. They can provide side screens to their covered walkways which allow the facility to give protection from harsh weather. For additional security to the covered walkways Broxap have optional lighting, in which solar lighting LED’s can be added for security after sundown.

Our shade sail fabric structures offer a stylish solution to protecting children from up to 99% of the sun’s rays and reduce the air temperature by up to 32%. Available in a variety of colour combinations shade sails and canopies can be supplied in a variety of coloured fabrics, with over twenty vibrant colours to choose from! As part of the Shelters range we also supply waterproof Tensile Structures, modular in design these structures offer strength and outstanding durability.

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  1. Bespoke Luton Walkway at Iffley Academy, Oxford
    BXMW/LU Luton Symmetric Walkway
  2. Newcastle Duopitch
    BXMW/NEWS-DUO Newcastle Duopitch
  3. Cambridge Shelter
    BXMW/CA1 Cambridge Symmetric Shelter
    From £4,853.00
  4. Cambridge Cantilever
    BXDB/CWALK Cambridge Cantilever Walkway
  5. Asymmetric Cambridge
    BXMW/ACA Asymmetric Cambridge
    From £4,719.00
  6. Hartcliffe Walkway
    BXDB/HART/MONO-WALK Hartcliffe Cantilever Monopitch Walkway
  7. Lightwood Entrance Canopy
    BXMW/LIG-CAN Lightwood Entrance Canopy
    From £2,556.00
  8. Modular Learning Hub
    BWMW/NEW/HUB Modular Learning Hub
    From £8,375.00
  9. Rake Shelter
    BX/HMP 200015 Rake Shelter
  10. Harrowby Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    BXMW/HAR Harrowby Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    From £1,494.00
  11. Seabridge Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    BXMW/SEA Seabridge Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    From £1,850.00
  12. Crosby Economy Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    BXMW/CRO/SM Crosby Economy Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    From £1,872.00
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Items 13-24 of 197