Duopitch Canopies

Duopitch Canopy designs are a great solution for many outdoor areas but are particularly useful in providing shelter across a large expanse. This is why Duopitch Canopies are perfect for the creation of outdoor dining areas or classrooms for schools, for example.

The simple ‘up and over’ style can blend seamlessly with any surrounding pitched roof of nearby buildings, making it a good choice for signposting entrance points as well. In addition to its impressive appearance, the Duopitch Canopy offers protection from the weather, effective functionality and a durability that results in a cost-effective, long-life structure.

Duopitch canopies can be part wall mounted or freestanding, and are a great solution for both bus and cycle shelters, whether made from timber or metal. At Broxap, our designs include classic, traditional canopies such as the Cheshire Timber Cycle Shelter and the Durham Bus Shelter. The angles and lines of the geometric shapes bring balance and order to a space, almost defining its use and complementing the surrounding environment.

The Duopitch Canopy can also lend itself to more unique, statement constructions, such as the modern Tadcaster Entrance Canopy which boasts chunky glulam columns, rafters and purlins, to become the focal point of any building. The use of material can also play an important role in the aesthetics of this design. For example, the combination of aluminium and toughened glass results in the elegant Llanberis Canopy, or the choice of a steel framework for urban locations can give a pleasing, clean look. And in every case, Broxap remains committed to delivering high quality, long-life products.

As well as our standard Duopitch Canopies, created for various uses and locations, Broxap’s professional design and build teams can engineer a high-quality bespoke solution.
This can take into account specific site considerations, architectural features, layout and form as well as function.

Case Studies

Case Study

St John & St James CofE Primary School, London

This school was looking to create an outdoor classroom area, this would provide a covered area which would have panels at each end. One with an access door...

Case Study

Abercrombie Primary School, Chesterfield

Green Ridge Primary Academy in Aylesbury is a purpose built schools which upon completion aimed to meet community demand for increased school admissions...

Case Study

St John's Innovation Park, Cambridge

Vinci Construction UK Ltd. were engaged in working on the new St John's Innovation Park in Cambridgeshire. The project required a series of cycle parking solutions...

Case Study

Elms Farm Primary School, Birmingham

Bouygues Construction Ltd. were working at a school that required two canopies in two different areas. Firstly the EYFS required a canopy outside of their classrooms...

Case Study

Farmor's School, Fairford

The staff and pupils at Farmor's School in Fairford had a large, uncovered outdoor dining area, which was only really utilised during the summer months...

Case Study

House of Bruar, Perthshire 

The redevelopment of this shopping area gave Broxap the opportunity to work with RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd. when they supplied a bespoke canopy solution...

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