Symmetric Gullwing Canopies

Visually striking, a Symmetric Gullwing Canopy is also extremely versatile. It is one of Broxap’s most popular shelter designs. The Symmetric Gullwing Canopy is particularly effective in creating covered walkways and can be engineered to varying lengths.

Its name comes from the seabird as the end profile resembles an elongated ‘M’ shape, just like the wings of a bird in flight with the roof parts facing each other connected by a central spine. With the enduring stability and strength which comes with every Broxap shelter, this stunning design is often incorporated into transport hubs. The dual canopies perform well on island platforms for example, and will be increasingly useful in locations where one way systems are called for, to encourage pedestrians to stay on the correct side.

As well as functioning as a walkway canopy, the Symmetric Gullwing can be developed as a cycle or car parking area, giving access from two directions to offer enhanced capacity and convenience. While contemporary in its outline, this design can incorporate customised features such as choice of roofing, a powder coated frame and decorative panels. Its modular construction also allows for future extensions.

Broxap has designed and installed high quality Symmetric Gullwing Canopies for a diverse range of clients, including the Royal Derby Hospital and the Southampton City Cruise Terminal.

Most of our lines consist of welded end frames and heavy-duty box sections, all assembled with anti-tamper high strength bolts. This robust and tough construction can be further enhanced by cantilever tie-bar support systems and galvanised steel support structures – the end result being a totally reliable solution that can withstand heavy, everyday use and exposure to the elements. And when you factor in the optional extras, including eco-friendly internal LED strip-lighting and franchise signage supports, the possibilities will soon start to feel endless

Case Studies

Case Study

Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire

Working with Kier Construction - London, Broxap were asked to provide a 33 metre canopy at the new £49 million emergency department...

Case Study

Edinburgh Gateway Station, Edinburgh

In winning this contract Broxap were tasked with working with Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK and creating a series of shelters...

Case Study

City Cruise Terminal, Southhampton

Vinci Construction UK Ltd. were engaged in working on the new St John's Innovation Park in Cambridgeshire. The project required a series of cycle parking solutions...

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