Outdoor Dining & Social Canopies

Broxap’s range of shelters and canopies are ideal for creating covered outdoor dining and social areas.

Large span canopies and shelters create airy, well ventilated yet comfortable areas to house picnic tables, benches and seating options.

Our standard range such as the Cambridge Shelter can provide cover over more compact areas, or can mark out a dining area within a large location, such as sectioning off a courtyard.

Meanwhile our bespoke offering is perfect for unusual or complex spaces, maximising underused areas.

Our outdoor dining and social canopies are also available in a wide range of designs.

The Newcastle Senior, for example, can be used to create a large covered outdoor dining area due to its modular design. The Lattice Newcastle Senior canopy was used at Archway School which wanted to create a useful outdoor dining area to free up space inside the school building. The covered area also doubles up as an outdoor classroom.

Smaller canopies for outdoor dining and social areas are also available. Tensile fabric canopies such as the square conic tensile structure have a modern look and feel – perfect for picnic areas and casual dining such as at cafes and coffee shops. Tensile fabric canopies provide protection from harmful UV rays and allow people to safely dine and socialise outdoors in the sunshine as well as take shelter from the rain. An example of this is the Newark Academy break out area.

Our design and build canopies create handsome, formal outside dining areas, incorporating high quality materials and architectural vision.

Broxap canopies are designed and manufactured to complement and enhance existing surroundings and are a cost-effective way to create inviting dining areas and increase covers. In a school application, their versatility means the space can double as a teaching area or can be used for clubs and extra-curricular activities. And at tourism and leisure sites, the addition of a dining canopy for picnics adds to the convenience for visitors.

Case Studies

Case Study

Litherland High School,

A £27 million pound new build school Litherland High required more facility to provide lunchtime dining for pupils. Broxap provided...

Case Study

Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School,

Brownedge St Mary's Catholic High School required a large scale outdoor dining area to accomodate pupils at lunch times...

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Tickford Park Primary School,

Tickford Park Primary School contacted Broxap with a view to getting an outdoor canopy, here is what Business Manager Karen Bush had to say...

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Farnley Academy, Leeds

As part of a £23 million Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project, almost the entire of Farnley Academy has been redeveloped...

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The Kingsway School, Cheadle, Stockport

This school contacted Broxap in regard to replacing an existing walkway and creating a new outdoor dining area. After a visit...

Case Study

Manshead Upper School, Caddington

After being extremely impressed with work we had done at the school previously, Manshead Upper School in Caddington asked us to...

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