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Covered Walkways

For distances long and short, every journey is made better with a covered walkway.

At busy sites, and those which attract crowds of people and are at risk of ‘bottleneck’ situations, a walkway canopy can bring order and guidance. A covered walkway can help to enhance security by ensuring people stick to a dedicated course, and act as an aid to direction such as at busy transport interchanges.

With years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of shelters, canopies and shades, Broxap can also offer customised features, including lighting and branding details.

Our designers can incorporate colour schemes to map out routes for pedestrians and match the structure to existing buildings, complementing the landscape.

For workplaces, a sheltered walkway can keep visitors and staff safe and dry as they travel between buildings for meetings and appointments. They are a reliable way to keep the flow of movement steady and continuous, while unifying elements of a single site.

At schools, colleges and universities, students can stay on the right track with a covered walkway.

We can build solutions that traverse awkward spaces, paving a simple, easy and safe way forward, ensuring the wellbeing of users. Our custom design experts can create walkways for specific locations and needs, with manufacturing taking place at our Staffordshire workshop.

From the contemporary to the traditional, every product offers durability and performance. Materials range from natural timber to galvanised steel for ultimate structure strength, with glazed, polycarbonate or tensile fabric roofing options.

These materials not only offer longevity - they can also be applied to bring about a desired effect, such as using rainbow coloured cladding to create a sensory experience for children. Side panels can also be incorporated into our products, which benefit from the flexibility of modular design to enable future extensions.

Case Studies

Angel Road Junior School, NorwichAngel Road Junior School, Norwich

Angel Road Junior School, Norwich

Ernesford Grange Community Academy, CoventryErnesford Grange Community Academy, Coventry

PremiAir, Manchester Airport

Horsenden School, North GreenfordHorsenden School, North Greenford

Allens Croft Primary School, Birmingham

South Cheshire College, Crewe

Birmingham International Airport

Loughborough University, Leicestershire

Burntwood School, London

Glasgow International Airport

London Luton DART

Why invest in a covered walkway?

Investing in a covered walkway can provide numerous benefits to your business or organisation. First and foremost, it offers a practical solution for visitors by providing shelter from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow, keeping them dry and comfortable.

Covered walkways can enhance the visual appeal of a building or outdoor space, as they can be designed to be stylish and complement the surrounding architecture. They can also be customised to suit specific requirements, with design flexibility and tailor-made options available to ensure that they meet the unique needs of your location.

At Broxap, we design and manufacture all our covered walkways from high-quality materials including natural timber and galvanised steel for ultimate structure strength, with glazed, polycarbonate or tensile fabric roofing options. This allows all our walkways to withstand all types of inclement weather, from heavy snow loadings to pouring rain downfalls, providing a safe and secure passage for visitors.

Investing in a covered walkway is a smart decision that improves the functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Our Best Selling Covered Walkways 

Where can a covered walkway be installed?

Covered walkways are a highly adaptable and practical solution that can be installed in a wide range of outdoor settings, such as schools, hospitals, train stations, commercial buildings, parks, shopping centres, and public spaces. They offer many benefits, including providing a protective shelter for pedestrians from the elements, such as heavy rain, snow, strong winds, and intense sunlight.

Installing covered walkways can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding environment, as they come in various designs and styles that can be customised to complement the architecture of your building or outdoor space. This means that you can choose a design that is not only practical but also visually appealing, making it an excellent addition to your business or school.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, covered walkways provide a safe and comfortable passage for people to move around. They offer protection from potential hazards such as wet floors, slippery pavements, and uneven surfaces, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and accidents. This makes them an ideal option for areas with high foot traffic or where safety is a top priority.

"Broxap worked professionally in providing high quality canopies"

We are pleased to confirm that Broxap worked professionally, and diligently, in providing high quality canopies to our Taxi ‘Drop off Area’ point here at the City Cruise Terminal, Southampton. We would be happy to consider Broxap for future works of a similar nature.

Rob Digby - Associated British Ports

"Looks fantastic & great report from my site team"

Just been to Wadham School for a site visit & had a good look at the canopies. Looks fantastic & great report from my site team. Your lads have done exceptionally well & the client is really pleased.

Andrew Criddle - Harris Bros & Collard Ltd

"Broxap provided a fantastic solution to our outdoor areas"

“Broxap provided a fantastic solution to our outdoor areas, the canopy and walkway are practical and look amazing. The fact they were completed during term time within three weeks was a fantastic feat.

The installation team worked hand in hand with our Site Manager to ensure noise levels were minimal and not disruptive to pupils’ lessons.”

Mrs Tina Lambert, School Business Manager

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