Cycle Parking Guide

Basic Dimensions to Consider

This section is intended to ensure that designers and architects are aware of the space required for people who are parking or removing a bicycle (figure 3).

Spacing Between Sheffield Stands

The minimum spacing between Sheffield stands must be 800mm. This is always measured from the centre line of the stand.

Aisles between rows of Sheffield stands are important to allow users to access the stands with their bike.

These aisles should be a minimum of 1200mm wide (equilavent to 3000mm between the centres of stands) –  see figures 1 and 2 above.


The footprint of a person wheeling a bicycle is approximately 1100mm wide – see figure 4.

The minimum footprint of two bicycles parked on a Sheffield stand should be taken as 2m x 1m. This measurement should be used to calculate the space needed for the required number of stands.