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The Planning Process : From the initial plans, to installation


Plan cycle parking from the very beginning

We strongly recommend cycle parking to be considered at pre-application stage. It is always difficult to design and install elements of cycle parking post construction.

Considering cycle parking from the outset ensures you provide efficient parking solutions within new developments.

Retro fitting cycle parking 

Often retro fitting cycle parking leaves users unsatisfied or unfulfilled with facilities.

Access may not be up to the standards required to make it easy for cyclists to deposit or retrieve their cycles easily, so the area is underused.


The below image Figure 1 shows a pre application design of the type of development that requires cycle parking. However, there is no mention of it at all. This illustrates how cycle parking is often overlooked.

Figure 1 showing a pre-application design of a developmentFigure 1 showing a pre-application design of a development
Figure 2 showing a floor planFigure 2 showing a floor plan

In contrast, Figure 2 shows a floor plan where cycle parking is indicated. Signalled with a *

However, it is unclear how many cycles can be stored in this space and whether the access point is the grassed area or via the internal corridor.

Neither of which appear preferable.

Find out more about planning for cycle parking solutions take a look at our helpful infographic below.

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The Planning Process : From the initial plans, to installation

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