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Cycle Parking in Developments


Groups of Houses

  • Cycle Parking should be provided in a secure lockable enclosure
  • It should be covered

Individual Houses

  • Ideally stored just outside the front door
  • Cycle parking inside the house should be accessed by a door at least 900mm wide
  • Purpose built indoor cycle storage should be a minimum of 2000mm deep
  • Parking should be secure and covered
  • When two or more cycle spaces are required a stand should be provided
  • Consider children’s cycles


  • The garage must allow cycles to be removed easily without first moving a parked car
  • The minimum of 1200mm should always be provided between the predicted position of a car and any other obstacle/wall etc
  • Where these dimensions cannot be met, other arrangements such as secure shelter, bikehanger or lockers should be installed

Flats, Apartments and other Multi-Occupancy Dwellings 

Rear Access

  • Where cycle parking is provided to the rear or sides of private dwellings, the access should remain clear, not blocked by vehicle parking spaces. The gate should be minimum 1200mm wide or consider a sliding gate option

Long Stay

  • Cycle parking areas must be well lit and included in any CCTV surveillance system
  • Cycle parking should not be accomodated within individual apartments above ground floor level
  • External parking should be designed to be overlooked by the dwellings
  • Secure compounds should not have apertures large enough for anyone to climb in or parts of a bicycle to pass through
  • Where possible, several smaller cycle parking areas are preferred to one large cycle storage room/cage
  • Space should be considered for the parking of such items as tricycles, trailers etc
  • They should be subject to control entry

Short Stay

  • Should be provided at each public entrance to blocks
  • Cycle parking areas must be well lit and included in any CCTV surveillance system if possible
  • Parking must be covered unless there is a valid reason not to

Flats, Apartments and other Multi-Occupancy Dwellings 

Short Stay

  • Short stay visitor parking areas should be provided no more than 15m away and adjacent to the main entrance

  • Cycle parking areas must be well lit

Long Stay

  • They must be incluced in any CCTV surveillance system

  • Parking areas should be housed internally on the ground floor

  • Long stay to provide showers, drying rooms, lockers and maintenance equipment