Getting it Right: Secure Cycle Hubs


Offering a cycle hub whether it is a standalone unit or contained within an existing building,  is the most secure and practical method of housing a large number of cycles.

Cycle hubs allow the user freedom to park their cycle in a facility where they can ensure their cycle is housed within a secure environment that is accessed only by recognised security methods. CCTV may also be present as well as bright lighting.

Secure cycle hubs can be accessed by:

  • Swipe card (Figure 1)
  • Electronic key fob  (Figure 2)
  • Coded lock (Figure 3)

Facilities : Users of a cycle hub may also benefit from:

  • Cycle lockers 
  • Changing seats/benches
  • Showering facilities 
  • Pump and repair station for users to service or make running repairs to their cycle