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Summary - Cycle Parking Planning


It is important to take in to account all factors surrounding your cycle parking planning. Below is a quick run through of what is required to achieve our ‘Best Practice’ cycle parking scenario.

Best Practice Check List

  • Consistently Used – Sufficient parking for all residents or employees
  • Fit for Purpose – ‘Sheffield’ type stands or easily accessible two-tier systems, cages or lockers
  • Conveniently Sited – Long stay parking should be within 50m and short stay parking with 15m from main entrance
  • Accessible and Easy to Use – All cycle parking should be easy to reach – no steps, detours, narrow corridors or steep slopes. Closer than car parking.
  • Safe and Secure – Users should feel secure and confident that their bike is secure
  • Well Managed, Maintained and Monitored – Cycle parking must be maintained and monitored. Management will be required for long stay cycle parking.
  • Covered – Required for long stay cycle parking and advised for short stay cycle parking