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Getting it Right: Appropriate Cycle Parking


When considering your cycle parking there are factors you should try to address to get the maximum user interaction from your cycle parking solutions.

Take a look at the informative list below:

  • Well spaced two cycle stand with bicycle support giving a large parking facility with a smaller footprint
  • Single door access, level – no steps. Ramps correctly laid out with space to manoeuvre
  • Located next to the changing rooms and a few metres from the building access point
  • Secure employee access mechanism required
  • Parking is inside or at least covered for protection from the elements
  • If possible add lockers/cages, drying room and showers in the same space

Cycle parking is a combination of SALS:

  • Stands – for support and security
  • Access – easy to get to and correctly laid out
  • Location – near the entrance and closer than car parking
  • Security – safe from theft and the elements
Images showing appropriate Stands, Access, Location and SecurityImages showing appropriate Stands, Access, Location and Security